Drooping Leaves. It was looking great when I purchased it (very green, full and shiny). I love Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food because it’s gentle enough to use each time you water without harming your plant, so you never have to remember a fertilizing schedule, and you’ll never risk undernourished, yellow leaves again. It doesn't LOOK like your tree is in any immediate danger of expiring, but symptoms made manifest by ongoing limitations commonly lag the cause by weeks to months. Also, make sure to check the soil. I purchased my fiddle leaf fig tree this summer and it had 2 happy growth spurts since purchasing him. They feel that adding acidity to the soil is beneficial and the nitrogen that coffee contains will act as a fertilizer. Try reading this. The good news is, these plants are very hardy by nature and can withstand less-than-ideal conditions for quite a long time. In other words, start with light and water, and then move onto fertilizer if necessary. I waited until about March 12th (12 days after purchasing) to water for the first time. The man who sold me the tree advised to wait about 10-14 days to water and then continue watering every 10 to 14 days after that. I sprayed it with water and baking soda to see if it starts helping... any ideas?? We had to eat some paint cost but such is life. Baking soda contains Na (sodium); and, while Na is essential to normal growth, it is needed in minute amounts and quickly becomes toxic, so you should avoid using it to see if it might work for? some leaves have been lost from the middle and the bottom mostly. To do that, it needs energy and nutrients! When your fiddle leaf fig’s soil starts to feel slightly dry to the touch, water it until the soil is moistened. Why is my Fiddle Leaf Fig Growing Leaves at the Bottom? they're turning a little yellow, browning on the edges, and then popping off easily when i tug on them a little. Some of them also feel a bit flimsy and on top of that some leaves are yellowing/have dropped off! They may get their energy from sunlight, but they need nutrients to support the photosynthesis process. If your plant gets yellow leaves during this time of year, it probably needs more fertilizer, especially if you haven’t noticed any new growth. There isn't enough info in your post to allow anyone to nail down a diagnosis, but odds are you'll find the answer in watering habits or light level. The result is a mottled appearance followed by fungal activity on the surface of dead/dying leaves whether they're attached or not. my pathos fell about 4 feet to the ground, Topped off my Majesty Palm with some new soil, now it’s slow to drain. Soil for Fiddle-leaf fig. I chose a gray color for the stucco and it was terrible. Around March 20th I began to notice that the leaves seem to be drooping (especially around the bottom). Yellow leaves, stunted growth, and an unhappy plant are the general symptoms. Among the first and also most usual indicators of problem in a fiddle leaf fig tree is dropping leaves. I've had this fiddle leaf fig for just over a year. You should check the pH of your soil at least twice a year. You can also tell when a fiddle leaf fig is thirsty by looking at its leaves — if they're droopy or floppy, that's usually a sign that they're in need of some hydration. After watering, the leaves rose and are no longer drooping (see before on left and after pic on right). If you think your plant has root rot, try our Root Rot Treatment to stop it. So can an excessively high TDS (salt) level in the soil solution. Fig Tree Leaves Turning Yellow These leaves are just starting to show signs of stress, but some get so bad, the entire leaf becomes a bright yellow. If you don’t have a great place for your fig to get lots of natural light, you might want to invest in some grow lights like these. Any ideas? Anything under 6 will be too acidic. excessive moisture retention, fungal overgrowth and impair plant growth. Yellowing and crispy brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves are caused by nutrient deficiencies. Water your fiddle leaf fig about once per week when the soil feels dry. The leaves of fiddle-leaf fig are drooping, which may be caused by overwatering or hardening of soil, causing its root system to be injured. If we water plants with hard water for a long time, a lot of salt will accumulate in the soil, which will lead to the yellow leaves of the plants withering. The house looked like the inside of a prison cell. Fiddle leaf fig leaves can droop because it needs water, it needs light, there has been a change, or it’s burned. The man who sold me the tree advised to wait about 10-14 days to water and then continue watering every 10 to 14 days after that. I water once a week and test soil moisture under the wood chips. If your fiddle leaf fig is showing droopy leaves that are turning yellow or brown as well, that’s a sure sign you’re likely watering too much for the amount of light the plant is getting. If the soil feels wet, you might want to let it dry out a little more between waterings. That means I'd have to work very hard at over-watering. I have had the same problem, with lower leaves... is it fungus or water issue? Don’t expect to see any improvement before April (and warmer temperatures). If you haven’t fertilized your fiddle leave fig for a while and it’s getting good light and the perfect amount of water, this is likely your cause. Hi Everyone, I purchased my first fiddle leaf fig tree on March 1st, 2017 (24 days ago). I have not even potted the tree yet and it already seems to be struggling! The pigment chlorophyll makes the leaves green in the first place, but a plant has to create chlorophyll. my fiddle leaf fig has lost a few leaves over the past month. Ficus is known for foliage being shed when it can't adapt to a change in light. Before the top can/will grow, the root system has to be able to support new growth, so dead roots have to be replaced. There are several links I can suggest if you have interest? We're still not done, but we're far enough along to see how it's supposed to look when we're done. This situation is best handled as soon as you see the first leaf begin to droop. What causes yellowing and crispy brown spots on the edges of fiddle leaf fig leaves? For the most part, plants decline and die in situations where the amount of food/energy they're able to create (with the help of the sun) is less than they are expending to drive their metabolic processes. Fig rust is a fungal disease affecting the leaves of fig trees. My monstera is dying, leaves turning brown/yellow, please help! Brown spots forming around the middle and edges of the leaves. Fiddle leaf figs love light and thrive near a bright window where they can get lots of indirect sunlight. At this time, you can take it out of the basin, cut off rotten roots, and then plant it in a new soil with good permeability for maintenance. We all want fiddle leaf fig plants that are healthy, green, and gorgeous. Some fiddle leaf fig owners have experimented with adding coffee to their fiddle leaf fig plants. Necrotic leaf tips and margins are far more often than not a symptom of over-watering and/or a high level of dissolved solids (salt) in the soil solution. This represents the difference between a plant surviving at the outer limits of what it's programmed (genetically) to tolerate and one that's growing in its 'sweet spot'. Another Fiddle Leaf Fig Victory: Fiddle Leaf Fig Troubleshooting. 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These tropical plants thrive in very warm and humid conditions, but growing them at home can be somewhat challenging. Fiddle leaf fig bottom leaves turning yellow help! Facebook: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Group. Leaf droop - underwatered or too warm. In October I moved it into this larger pot one of the tiny leaves on the bottom turned yellow at about the same time. Fiddle Leaf Fig is the fiddle leaf fig – so called because of its violin-shaped, puckered leaves. When we water plants, most of the water we use is tap water, and tap water is also known as hard water. Learn all about How to Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig in this post. The fiddle leaf fig tree features heavily-veined, oval-shaped leaves that grow upright. Indoors, directly applying coffee grounds to your fiddle leaf fig plant soil can cause excessive moisture retention, fungal overgrowth and impair plant growth. You may have soil in the center of the root mass that has become very hydrophobic due to how dry it's become. understanding how soils work, followed by understanding how plants work, are representative of the largest steps forward you'll likely make as a container gardener. Then, using a 'tell' as an indicator of when it's appropriate to water to put a polish on what you practice. The leaves will most likely start to turn yellow. Yellow leaves can also be caused by root rot, which can lead to dropping leaves. It was looking great when I purchased it (very green, full and shiny). light, get it right up in front of the south window. Curing the effects of too much water in the soil starts by using a soil that doesn't hold too much water, and by default, not enough air. I use soils that hold no (or nearly no) excess (perched) water. Your job, as chief grower, is figuring out what is most limiting to your plant and fixing it. I think you need to just get watering on track and get used to when the tree needs water. If you accidentally let your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s soil dry out completely, you may see branches go limp or leaves droop and crisp up. It's been about 2 months now that some leaves are getting some brown spotting, turning yellow and dropping one by one. If the pH falls out of this range, the fiddle leaf fig may have difficulty absorbing nutrients from the soil. It was not terribly expensive so if you hate it, it won't hurt my feelings. Case Study: Yellow Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves, Soil Acidity and Yellow Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves, How to Check your Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil Acidity Levels. Lastly, insect infestation can cause yellow leaves on fig trees. My tree lost about 10 leaves … Try to get it outdoors and acclimated to a sunny spot when you can rely on night temps top drop no lower than 55-60*, or move your plant in and out based on that guideline. The same thing for … “Imagine that this is the way that these plants intake sun to photosynthesize or make food.” Keeping these leaves clean will keep your plant happy and healthy. BTW, I redid my Parents' Retreat project book on my Houzz page. Remedy - follow instructions above for either overwatered or underwatered Fiddle Leaf Fig plants! See 5 Glamorous Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees.)

Marianne Giesemann. Multiple yellow almost always means too much water. This disease is caused by the fungus Physopella fici, manifesting in the form of small, yellow-orange leaf spots which spread over time. I tested the soil with a chopstick to check for moisture and it did seem a bit dry. So how do you know whether it needs light or fertilizer? Oh, and CDR, I don't know if you remember, but I had a decorative stripe at the bottom of my backsplash. Leaves on your fiddle leaf fig will droop if it is getting too much water or too little water. hello! Any ideas what could be causing him distress? This occurs with greater predictability when the change in light load is from high to low. I stopped the painters at the end of day 1, chose a much nicer gray (SW Intellectual gray, with SW Porpoise trim, with SW Urbane bronze (darkened) for the front door) and now I really like it. It was also near an open window so I thought that might be the cause.