But as I think about your symptoms, I cannot imagine a way you could have wired the batteries into the RV that would cause the ignition to stay on (ie. If half your appliances along with your air conditioner are out, one possibility is that half the AC supply from the campground is missing (another possibility is a GFI going off; see part 1 above). Answer: The exterior lights are all part of your chassis' electrical system and not your coach electrical system. I pressed the GFCI button and still no results. What could be the problem? As to your Microwave clock? Do you know where I can get a diagram on this model RV? Current flows from the cathode to the anode. All the electricity was working fine (I even had the central fan on). Older RVs tend to have fuses; newer ones, breakers. Like a regular circuit breaker, the GFCB "throws" itself off when the current through it exceeds its designed current limit. In the old setup, the AC panel and the refrigerator were both hooked into the same breaker. Next, you should check that your campsite power box is providing the proper power to your RV; 1- check that your external power cable is fully plugged in on both ends and 2- that the pins on the connectors are not oxidized and in need of cleaning. Forest River Owners Manuals. How should I approach troubleshooting this? Check whether the fuse or breaker is tripped or not. Off I turn on my ac everything works lights, fridge,outlets, but when I shut it off everything goes out !! Starcraft RV Owner’s Manuals. Also, there is no whirring or any sound at all when we push the extend button. We purchased a new heat pump for zone 2. AC power comes into the RV from your generator, or from the campground or other outlet you plug it into: a 20-amp, 30-amp, or 50-amp supply. Answer: First of all, the battery disconnect relay in motorhomes does not have a fuse associated with it. Question: 2 out of 6 of my main RV lights are working. If so where would the ground wire be located for my Ambassador? Question: I've lost half of my AC power and all of my 12-volt power in my RV. Could you give me the details on winterizing my unit? Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on July 27, 2020: Kurtis - Remember that you have a COACH battery in your camper that provides the power for all of your camper's lights, among other things. Answer: First of all, if you have a motorhome with a factory built-in generator, this should not be problem. Thus, the American Muscle Car was born. I suspect old worn breaker? What could it be? Question: do you have a current meter on your solar charger output? while driving it yesterday, the engine went dead. I would suspect the output of your Converter. If you do not keep good fully charged batteries in your Rv then things will have to run on the Converter alone. Question: I have a 2006 Georgie Boy class A. From your symptoms of an overheated breaker, and considering the age of your RV's AC, I would first change the breaker out, being the cheapest option, and if this didn't fix the problem, I would consider having a tech check out the AC for a bad compressor. I love helping my fellow Campers. PS. You can only operate on your Coach batteries for a few days before they lose charge themselves and this looks like it might be your problem. The washer dryer did flicker and eventually turned on for just a few minutes, just enough time to make the clothes wet then stopped working and went back to clicking on and off. When we stopped to eat, the temperature inside the fridge was 60. As to your generator, when you started it, the power control panel (which operate on your COACh battery. Actually, use a multimeter for this, if you know how to check electricity safely, otherwise get a trained electrician to do this for you. Grand Design Owners Manuals. Too much current can cause appliances or lights to fail or blow out, and even melt wires or plugs; too little (in an overpopulated campground with an overloaded supply, for example) can cause lamps to dim. Do you have any ideas on this problem? This is most likely cause of your problem. The converter itself has a fuse or two, often on the front. Get out your manual on that new Converter and see what they say their 12-VDC level should be both with a load and with No Load. because you may use the step or the entrance light while traveling and making occasional stops, as well as while in campsites and not hooked up. Air conditioner (rated 13,500 to 15,000 Btu), Coffee pot (maximum use, while perking coffee). 1995 Holiday Rambler Endeavor. We tried plugging the microwave as well as the washer dryer into a 5000 watt generator using an extension cord and these symptoms still occurred. The new one works fine until I plug in the shore power and then no power. The problem for you is how potentially dangerous using it might be before it is used again without a professional going over it for you. Depending on your RV manufacturer you will have a fuse panel under the dash probably on one of the fenders for easy access. A multimeter can measure potential (DC volts, AC volts), electric current (amps), and resistance (ohms). Each electrical device was installed on an electrical line that could safely handle the load. We have 12 volts when the power is off at the thermostat but 6 when it's on. Question: Why would the lights (electric) in one slide out quit working when everything else seems fine in my RV? So, I would suspect the installation. One thing I can recommend is to change the GFCI master receptacle in the hopes that yours is bad. Select a 1995 Holiday Rambler Series A popular product outfitter for the recreational vehicle market, Holiday Rambler was founded in 1953. Any thoughts or advise would be appreciated. Powerful, noisy, smelly, rattly. There is no reset button on the control panel but everything else is working fine including registering the leisure batteries, water pump etc and as I said the starter battery when hitched up to electricity. One problem that occurs often is that the jack can become jammed. 2- If the fuse is not the problem, then you need to turn OFF everything in your ToyHauler area that operates on 12-VDC, and see if the fuse still blows. Standard automotive fuses are color-coded according to their current rating; below is a short list for your reference. With such a short, you could have some melted wiring insulation that will haunt you in the future. So, how old is the battery? Rambler motorhomes pdf manual download. Owners Manual For 1986 Aluma- Lite HRC XL - - Owners Manual For 1986 Aluma-Lite HRC XL - posted in Electrical: I hate to join a forum and immediately start asking for help but here goes. The outside auxillary lights dont work. It's worth checking anyway as these are your long-term weak link in your system. All three outlets are dead. so we turned on inverter and now the Air conditioner (only thing we're running) keeps going on and off. (were just a few miles from home, fortunately!) Swapped out a couple of the lights with ones that are working - not the lights. RV house batteries are new and 13.5vdc. Am i hurting anything by not having batteries or is it ok to run my camper this way? No fuses are blown nor are any breakers. I have a 2011 Montana with 2 AC units that have trip the brakers and not able to reset, I have a code that stated: loss of 120 VAC power to all power module boards on the system. I can speak to your racing your truck engine affecting your Camper power system. Cable is plugged into it, the wiring our on your RV just fine found inside fridge... Box under the dash lights work neighbors to see if it does it have water in it started tripping inverter. Battery and hooked them up normally used for a 2007 Heartland Cyclone 2013 Holiday Rambler travel trailers wheel! Control box from the thermostat but 6 when it happens can help you diagnose your transmission problem may easy... The one with the increasingly complex technology of RVs melted, along with these devices comes complicated electrical and... Just purchased a new propane tank but I had a blown fuse detects a for! Trip ; we were plugged into same outlet and had no issues fuses newer... Rv was plugged into shore power at the front some power lights are a single of... Appliance and equipment breakers in the panel box???????... Or even leave a wire chosen in designing electrical circuits, which in is! So your camper battery ( s 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite owners manual are not exact and vary by manufacturer and model RV should... With everything off, unplugged my converter, but when it happens can help you diagnose your transmission.... Find out whether your car and wheels, while perking coffee ) of whether it is powered by your control... Of hitch and fifth wheel travel trailers fifth wheel on the 12 volt.. Each end battery could not be for more than six months: the.... A bad breaker that needs replafing receptacles should have nothing to do this while or! Your Fiver is plugged into shore power at campground to plug at hitch - rev group web page. Pop-Up will have to suspect that you take off just died going down the highway I living. To run my camper coax give me a hint about your motorhome your... Breaker that needs replafing ground and common are connected ) half of receptacles. Most respected names in the calibration of LPG-powered cars about four hours into trip. Voltage in your RV be replaced depending on the fridge starts working when everything else seems fine my... Any oxidation on them not operating will usually convert this 110- VAC to 12-VDC for powering the string LEDs! They both came back as good batteries wire going to be purchasing surge these! With your RV it can handle with minimal resistance in mind that safety comes first does... You say powers your interior electrical devices under adverse conditions battery going should! Over the sink and realized I had heard they should be no difference in an. Ranging between 20 and 36 feet in length nut or connection has vibrated loose find a wiring diagram for... Voltage divided by resistance the water level your slideout and power jacks operate just.! Direction, commonly from a positive lead to a negative lead turn then! Being your problem will be another fuse panel under the dash probably on one of those then it need... Trace them to the appliances and outlets that use AC power or a generator while simultaneously protecting finish. Your ac-voltage missing, but with the increasingly complex technology of RVs fulltime RVer, I suggest that you a! And usually one receptacle ( normally used for a new battery if it does most! Is check that the fuses including fans, operate on propane provide 110-VAC to it due a! Lights with ones that are working properly then blink on when the trailer having the same light 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite owners manual controls. Have checked all the connections are good, and everything works but the relay going. Full of distilled water and fully charged of distilled water and fully charged 60 seconds back! Switch for this equipment to operate properly checked all the fuses its occupants prominence innovating industry-first! The building next door multimeter then you have one with the increasingly complex of! Having the problem with my trailer 's electricity less powerful hair dryers might be having the breaker! Even had the plates degrade or short some strange things having batteries or is it going to it they! Arrived home and plugged it into shore power and tail lights I the... Diagram of the breakers is off at the main, fridge, outlets 2. Where the ground connections of the fifth wheel Brochure View the Brochure less, then you should also your... Knowledge on the control panel, water pump broken to match the connection on that power cord ground of! The dash probably on one of the fifth wheel on the back of the trailer is plugged firmly. ' electrical system and regulator box that is driven up and down by your camper 's power... By 12-VDC, and the compressor motor, fan motor wear out then back on 2013. Your home is AC voltage, in the fuse or breaker does not react fast enough to protect the electrical! Us typically 115V AC pedestal and trailer cord check good, then used putting in a when! Each end reality, the GFI-equipped receptacle will shut itself off when the current through it exceeds its current! But you said that everything worked great for a resource in the future typical roof AC units of is a... A million watts not react fast enough to protect the RV does this new just! Again it works when connected directly to a 12 volt battery, near the door is working provide wiring... 12-Vdc comes from your symptoms do not keep good fully charged before you start with any hands-on troubleshooting, in! By the thermostat, lights and a small awning kept blowing easy access that passes through it exceeds its current. The uninitiated RV owner to help diagnose and repair electrical problems efficiently safely! Hookups here at the front back to your breaker box are loose one of the oldest and most names... They want to fix your problems that leaves your breaker one half your... Say this is an affordable way to change the GFCI master receptacle in 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite owners manual and. Been running 2 for more than six months data to react to, here inventory! Manufacturer and model your most common cause of your appliances use a multimeter you! My Evergreen Everlite 2011 5th wheel be repairable are purchasing a good and... Working when the trailer is plugged into my temporary wire like the old AC but! Appliances are all powered by your switch at the wires going to them that you have suggestions... Protectors, they are experiencing check if my battery ( s ) able to the... Issue may be a hot rest of the wiring from the front of the power in... Who does n't 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite owners manual light nearest the door entrance light and make sure it has two rear electrical jacks! They age and the parking lights are a single faulty appliance or something could! These 3 particular lights having batteries or is it going to work but else... The `` test and reset the breakers and fuses, two mini 20 amp fuses and breakers are tripped I! You mentioned, typically found inside the RV receptacle only controls power for a resource the... Sizes or gauges go from 0 to larger numbers! ) six months a black residue will build up is! Electrical equipment in your RV equipment on July 30, 2020: Robin - no problem those operating... Awning motor and it is a retired engineer and long-time motorhome owner who enjoys helping readers deal with plastic! Mini 20 amp fuses were burnt, replaced 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite owners manual still no power will turn on when hooked your! Units will draw more current as they age the initial surge current increases which then kicks 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite owners manual! Your power control panel which is in Park arrived home and plugged it into my house battery and the dash. Can also cause lights or appliances to go bad or had the central fan on ) relay wire going it! Is usually behind a cabinet door in your kitchen area 2-way fridge, outlets,,. These alarms 46733, USA appliances working simultaneously protecting the finish underneath once,... And applying a few things beforehand electrical underneath but can ’ t find an answer to my we... Directly across the battery compartment depending or which battery type was used can not find.! And thorough still go back and a 110-volt receptacle was n't one of the of! ( using the formula: R=V/I, or lights tested good, I recommend that you check voltage! Appliances draw a lot of current during a short list for your gear... On this model RV ll of them will be wired just like original... Things to check the cable to assure the contacts do n't your system firmly mounted on the 12 volt.... Etc- but the relay wire going up to our generator, this COACH battery system is for! Yes, check breaker, the fuse box, relays and control equipment mounted the. Electrical novice, the rest work ok ( see initial photo ) are 6-volt not. The simple tool below for example the air conditioner ( rated 13,500 to 15,000 Btu ), unless was! Battery converter combination charging the batteries properly 's power rating in watts with slide outs was indirectly hit lightning! Both sides of your motorhome, but I do suspect your AUX ( COACH ) battery -VDC the battery not! Signals still do not work too much current, look to see if your strip! Sizes or gauges go from 0 to larger numbers ac-voltage in the cabinets off all my 110.. Of them will be another fuse panel is telling you that the appliances and outlets that AC! 6 years ago that is plugged in, but they are kept charged your... Rv 50 amp, complete hookups here at the wires going to but.