It would be great if it is with some sample database. What are the 5 most expensive products? Code: SELECT ProductName, QuantityPerUnit FROM Products; Structure of Products table: Sample records of Products Table: CustomerWithMaxNumberOfOrders: Create a query that determines the customer who has placed the maximum number of orders. surendra00. MyWind is a MySQL version of the Microsoft Access 2010 Northwind sample database. 1. c) Find the names of all employees in the database who live in the same cities and on the same streets as do their managers. The Northwind database is an excellent tutorial schema for a small-business ERP, with customers, orders, inventory, purchasing, suppliers, shipping, employees, and single-entry accounting. View Notes - Northwind Practice Query Exercises from BUSINESS 391 at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. I am looking for some sample SQL exercises/query (preferred MySQL, or SQLServer)to practice. I am trying to become more familiar with SQL by writing queries against the Northwind database. select p.employee-name from employee p, employee r, manages m where p.employee-name = m.employee-name and m.manager-name = r.employee-name and p.street = r.street and = ... please tell me any site which have collection of queries on any microsoft database like Northwind,AdventureWorks,pub etc for practice ...Please help me.. thanks in advance. 6. Get the list of the months which doesn’t have any orders for product chai . However, I wanted to experiment with the schema using MySQL. MySQL Northwind database: Exercise-1 with Solution. I am looking for some exercises that would help me to learn SQL and features of SQL Server. Answer to Using the Northwind database, provide MySQL queries for the following. ... Northwind database exercise. northwind database Question. The database contains the sales data for Northwind Traders, a fictitious specialty foods export-import company. c) Which order has the biggest subtotal ? The Northwind database is a sample database used by Microsoft to demonstrate the features of some of its products, including SQL Server and Microsoft Access. Northwind Database Exercise. We have tried to visit many forums and blogs to gather Questions related to Complex SQL Queries and provide them to you in this series of blog post on Complex SQL Queries for Practice. This video shows you how to solve the 5 examples list the the begining of the Assignment 2 description. Practice Query on Northwind Database. How many are there ? 1. Write a query to get Product name and quantity/unit. b) What products does Karkki Oy supply ? Northwind Database Query Exercises 1. Result : 4. Get the top 3 products which has more orders . Add a Solution. Although the code taught in this class is not specific to Microsoft products, we use … 5. It is important that the exercises have solutions, and in complicated cases, it would be great if there was an explanation for the query. Instead of adding a table to begin designing a query, we can begin by adding a previous query. What is its order ID ? a) Find all German suppliers. Could someone please point to sql exercises for Sakila Database( MySQL Sample Database) or exercises with some other sample database. This is the part 2 of Complex SQL Queries For Practice as discussed in our first post on Complex SQL Queries. List the First Name and Last Name Posted 12-Nov-12 21:37pm. (My query yielded Save-a-lot Markets with 31 orders.) Basics of relational databases Exercises with Northwind sample database. Get the list of the products which doesn’t have any orders across all the months and year as Answer to the questions based on the information in the Northwind database. Use the previous order-counting query to find the maximum count.